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More Cameradojo Reviews for Your Photography

  • The right drone for your photography through
  • Sharing articles through Cameradojo’s blog site
  • Accentuating photography angles through the use of drones

Many people, photographers included, are buying into Cameradojo. They see this site online as the answer to their photography needs, particularly on its tools. Cameradojo, by the way, has that collection of cameras and drones that accentuate your photography experience (see more at cameradojo the latest of these gadgets).

But what makes Cameradojo so unique compared to other photography sites? What makes them so special that most people who have gone through Cameradojo are clearly satisfied with it. Let us examine, though, two of the main reasons why more and more photographers and designers alike are rooting for this photography school online.

  • Choosing the Right Gadget for that Photo – Cameradojo pulled this one out through their comprehensive reviews about cameras and drones. You can see more at cameradojo than any other sites online how to maneuver and use these tools with ease, something that you won’t normally have with other sites. By offering its pros and cons, you will eventually choose the right tool or mix for your photography, and all because of these reviews.
  • You can share even with Cameradojo – You might find the right formula, angle, and even execution when presenting your photos online. And you can share this experience through Cameradojo. Using drones allows you to experiment with angles, positions that either increase or lower the characterization of your subjects. Just check their list of reviews today, and see more at cameradojo and how you can contribute by submitting your take through an article that you can publish through their blog.

These are two of the many reasons why more and more people are checking on Cameradojo and use their reviews as guideposts before buying or even using these gadgets. Now is your turn, however, to use some of the wisdom, tips, as well as suggestions that you get out of reading these Cameradojo reviews and contribute your own take to it (see more at cameradojo through this link,

Taking a Look at the Best Quadcopters Around

  • Choosing the best quadcopters online for your photography
  • 7 of the best quadcopters for photographers
  • Quadcopters with unique features available at

Finding the best of quadcopters is not something that you would say easy. With a lot of quadcopters online, sometimes finding that appropriate drone is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Parrot Bebop Drone

But if you are lucky enough, you’ll find that this quadcopter is exactly what you need for the improvement and development of your photography. has some of the great quadcopters for your type of photography. Aside from that, of course, this site offers reviews as well to somehow complete the process. Now, the best of quadcopters often come with a unique feature, which separates them from other drones.

And seven of the best of quadcopters with unique features are all available at Seven of these drones are as follows:

  • DJI Phantom 4
  • DJI Phantom 3
  • DJI Inspire 1
  • Yuneec Q500 4K
  • Yuneec Typhoon H 4k
  • 3DR Solo
  • Parrot Bebop

We have highlighted the best of quadcopters from Quadcopterguru because it has devices that can expedite the production of your images because most of these drones have autopilot and GPS systems.

And for photographers, that is something that they want to have every time they capture these scenes, so that they can attend to other matters as well. Talk about enhancing the process of doing photography business.

Check out the best of quadcopters that Quadcopterguru can offer through these seven drones. Every feature that you’re looking for in a drone is in these seven action cameras.

You won’t know the extent of improvements on your images until you have these drones. For some additional information about these action cameras, just click this site,, and begin the process of creating photos that could put a lot of smiles from your viewers.

Underwater Videos 101

  • Underwater ameras introduction
  • Basics of underwater videos using a GoPro
  • Resources for these types of cameras

Have you ever wondered why there’s an increase in underwater videos today? The reason is, more and more waterproof action cameras are being manufactured today. Divers realized this and took advantage of it. That is why there are a lot of underwater videos making their rounds in social media sites today. Let’s face it, every time you see an underwater video, you tend to get interested and press play right? Because it’s really worth watching.  So, how do you take great underwater videos? The answer is simple, use a waterproof action camera.

Heard of a GoPro? It’s the most popular action camera in the market today and most divers use it to film their dives. So, if you are looking for a waterproof action camera, then go for a GoPro. I recommend the Hero4 Silver since it has an LCD monitor. If you want to splurge, then go for the Hero4 Black because it has higher frame rate per second which is absolutely amazing on slow motion. Most GoPro cams can already be used out of the box, just make sure you charge it first. If you want longer battery life, make sure to bring a spare battery as well. Now, make sure to set the resolution to 1080p 30 fps since this is the best resolution if you don’t have enough processing power in your computer. Remember, higher resolution means you need more computing power in your laptop/pc in order to edit it.

Another thing to remember when shooting underwater videos is that if you want more color and contrast when you shooting in blue water, you need to enable the red filter and magenta filter if you’re on green water. This will guarantee a more defined and lively video. Oh, and before I forget, make sure you have the underwater casing of the GoPro camera before you start shooting those videos. Got it?

If you are not sold though on the GoPro, there are plenty of other choices. You can visit for other choices of underwater cams. They do plenty of informative reviews that should help you with your research. Best of luck and happy shooting!

The Best Preset Features for Your Photos  

  • A large collection of presets for the improvement of your photos
  • Presets with cool features for a more stylized effect on your photos
  • Photo enhancing apps that has its own storing system for your files and images

As the saying goes, you are only limited by your imagination. That is exactly true if you try to edit your photos using these technologically advanced apps that you can download online. The best Lightroom presets, for instance, give you a collection of presets that you can use with your photos, day in and day out.


But why single out these Lightroom presets for the enhancement of your photos? What makes them so unique and special that even seasoned photographers and designers are digging it as their ultimate choice when it comes to reinvigorating their photo images?

  • Consider its collection – You can download the best Lightroom presets online free. With more than 100 free presets online, you can choose from its collection, it would be quite impossible not to create that specific effect you have in mind.
  • Cool features – You can make drastic changes in your photo without altering its original image. You can transform your flat pictures into black and white masterpieces or infuse that hazy afternoon effect on your landscape photo. Cool features that enhances the quality of photos in the process.
  • Customized storing system – It has its own storing system too, courtesy of its customized folder or module. Quite a convenient way of safekeeping your files or images, saving them or even sharing them to your friends.

These are some of the features, among the many, that make Lightroom so popular with social media enthusiasts and photographers alike. The best Lightroom presets that are always handy, with tools that can make improvements to your photo unlike anything you have seen before.

So scour the web now and start using these presets on your photo images. They are not called the best Lightroom presets for nothing. They are simply the best photo enhancing solutions for your photos because it doesn’t only enhance your pictures, your image, too, will never be the same again online with these cool, catchy presets.

Free and Diversified Presets from Lightroom

  • Free presets for the improvement and development of your pictures
  • Handy tools for you to use on a daily basis for your photo editing
  • Photo editing tool that has its own storing system for your files

Lightroom is changing the way we look at photography. If in the old days we usually tag our favorite photographer along every time we enhance our photos. Today, however, all we need to do is download the best free Lightroom presets available online.


There are so many benefits with Lightroom presets. Looking at some of its features will tell you that it is quite indispensable that you should your own set of presets for the enhancement of your photos.

  • Diversified Improvement – The best free Lightroom presets online offers you a variety of presets that you can use for your pictures. These are not ordinary effects, though, it allows you to make changes without altering its original image, but the improvements are quite significant.
  • Handy Tools – Even an ordinary photo enthusiast will be able to deal with these presets without any difficult. Lightroom presets are designed for easy use, so you can incorporate in an easy manner the effect you want to have with your photos.
  • Storing System – You can actually save your files/photos with its customized storing system through folders and modules. And all the best free Lightroom presets have this kind of feature.

So there you have it, three of the main features that these presets offer, day in and day out. The best free Lightroom presets are a treasure to keep because any time you can make adjustments and improvements to your photos in no time. They are always handy.

Scour the web right now and get the best free Lightroom presets for your photos. Make it a part of your system every time you make some changes to your photo images. A habit benefits you in a lot of ways, and make you look good online too.

And you’re one of those who is changing the way we look at photography by using the best free Lightroom presets on the web. Imagine that, in the first place.

Checking Out Sleeklens for Your Photos

  • Superb presets from Sleeklens for your wedding portraits
  • Presets that cut down on your editing time
  • Presets that are compatible with RAW and JPEG images

You wanted the best possible photo images for your wedding. You make sure that you have the best possible equipment for that. So you have your camera with you and that photo-editing app for its enhancement, eventually creating stunning images out of your wedding day.


So you choose Sleeklens as your partner in editing these photos. You have chosen this tool because it offers at least 112 wedding presets that you can incorporate with your photos. In fact, you can check out Sleeklens now online and marvel at their gorgeous wedding presets.

And as soon as you check out Sleeklens right away, you will notice that it has its collection of brushes, too. Twenty-three wedding brushes to be exact. This allows you to make enhancement on those details that are so hard to edit with ordinary tools.

But why do we need to check out Sleeklens now when it comes to your wedding photos?

  1. Because it saves you time – You need to do a lot of preparation when you’re about to say your “I do”, so in order to cut down some your time editing your photos, you should consider Sleeklens from now on because it makes photo editing so easy and convenient
  2. Because it works with both Mac and PC – You need not worry where to download these wedding presets because they are compatible with both Mac and PC. So any time you can download and use this app for the enhancement of your wedding photos.
  3. Because it goes well with RAW and JPG images – Dealing with these images is easy if you check out Sleeklens and use their collection for your photos because they are quite comfortable with RAW or JPEG photos. What a way to enhance your photos!

So there you have it, the benefits of choosing Sleeklens’ collection for the enhancement of your photos. If you check out Sleeklens today, it’s only a matter of time before you showcase these superb and stunning photos online, which is also the reason why you will have these beautiful wedding photos in no time.

The Best & Free Presets Online from Lightroom

  • Free Lightroom presets for the enhancements of your portraits
  • Presets from Lightroom that whitens and softens your skin
  • Enhancing your photos the way magazine designers do

Admit or not, there’s always a feeling of elation every time you see yourself in a photo posted online. You brag about it to your friends, you even repost it because it always brings a smile on your face every time you look at it.

That is how awesome this photo-enhancing app can do for you and your photos. And the best thing about these tools, though, is that you can get them free online. Such as in the case of Lightroom, it has the best free Lightroom presets on the web that can literally do wonders on your photos.

camera11The benefits of these presets, nonetheless, will make you look good anytime online, especially when you are into that portrait stuff. It has the best free Lightroom presets for portraits that is so easy to use.

Not that it will enhance your portrait in a tricky way, but that it allows you to improve your look without altering your unique features. So if you are serious about enhancing your portraits as those designers are doing in those glossy magazines, then using the best free Lightroom presets for that genre is definitely the way to go.

Enough of those tools that doesn’t even enhance the whiteness or smoothness of your skin, the best free Lightroom presets for portraits you can easily get online will dramatically improve your online image, as attested to that equally dramatic increase of followers you will have after using these presets.

Start using the best free Lightroom presets for your portraits now and present yourself in a variety of ways without damaging the quality of your portraits. Like some sort of a habit, make these presets a part of your routine when enhancing your portraits, and get the best possible enhancement you can have.

Check them out online, and use that appropriate preset for a more enhanced look that never fails to put a smile on your beautiful face.

Photoshop Actions I Like

  • Photo editing tool that can create that blue evening feel
  • Photoshop action that allows you to incorporate that hazy mood on your photo
  • Softening the skin through Photoshop actions

I am a fan of Photoshop actions. And as a typical fan, I do have my own favorites when it comes to this unique app. Some of the best Photoshop actions that I like are also favorite actions online, since a lot of these cool photographers and designers are using it with their photos.

Let us examine, though, some of the best Photoshop actions that I like, and see to it that my preference might find some affinity also with your kind of style as far as Photoshop actions is concerned.


That Blue Evening Feel

The best Photoshop actions that I like started when, all of a sudden, I had this so-called blues some months ago. Then I encountered this cool Photoshop action that has that blue evening effect. So I figured out, this is the perfect feel that I want to project online. And it did. After I posted my picture with that blue evening feel, some of my friends online started pampering me with encouragements. It worked.

That Purple Haze

I wanted to put some character on my flat landscape. And as soon as I started scouring for some Photoshop action on my landscape picture, I came across this beautiful action to incorporate on my landscape scene. It has that hazy feel to it. This hazy Photoshop action, though, until now, is one of the best Photoshop actions that I like since I started using the app.

That Soft, Smooth Skin

I am particularly meticulous when it comes to posting my portraits online. So when I see some roughness on my skin, I immediately take pains to do away with it. But when I found that Photoshop action that can enhance the smoothness of my skin, my dilemma began to disappear. By far one of the best Photoshop actions that I like along with those countless others that improves my image online.

So there you are, some of the best Photoshop actions that I like that I still use until now. You can try these Photoshop actions, too, on your photos. And like me, feel great all the time.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Create Wedding Invitations

  • Creating and designing a wedding invitation is the hardest part of the preparation.
  • This article will give you three tips on how to make a wedding invitation.
  • Following these tips will help you speed up the wedding preparation process.

Have you tried helping your friend plan his or her wedding? Basically, I have one engaged friend who just approached me and ask me to help her prepare their wedding. So, without hesitations, I said yes. From the wedding list down to the venue of the wedding reception, the whole planning turns out to be smooth. But, during the actual preparation, I realized that organizing a wedding is not a joke; it needs great passion, patience, and more patience since you have to deal with a lot of things.


Creating and designing a wedding invitation is the hardest part of the preparation as we can’t build a concept on how the card should be and what to write in the card. So, to help you simplify this process, this article will give you three tips on how to make a wedding invitation the easy way.

Use a Ready Made Wedding Template

Instead of stressing yourself, the best way to speed up the process is to download and use ready made wedding templates. There are several graphic and photography sites that offer templates for wedding for free. One of my favorite sites is called Infoparrot, they have a complete infoparrot’s list of templates for wedding that can be downloaded for free. The best part of using wedding templates is that it saves you from stress.

Specific Wedding Details

To have an interesting wedding invitation, it should contain specific wedding details; location of the church or wedding event, time, date, wedding motif and etc.

Wedding Accomodations

In a wedding invitation, you should not forget to include details about the whole wedding ceremony and the details of the wedding party or reception. By doing this, you are not just informing them about the details, you are also giving them hint about what’s going to happen on that special day.

The Philosophy of Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets

  • The two famous post processing software have a lot in common.
  • Photoshop can record a series of edited steps.
  • Most photographers own Lightroom and Photoshop.

The discussion continues as both top selling programs continue to improve and bloom. Lightroom and Photoshop, as we all know, are products of Adobe system, yet people are comparing and create discussion about who does better or not.

PS1Basically, the two famous post processing software have a lot in common such as developed and created by Adobe, layers, editing features and Lightroom has presets while Photoshop has actions. Both editing program also has its unique way on applying effects, styles and changes to tons of images in just a few clicks. Most photographers own Lightroom and Photoshop because they believe that these two can help them create and transform dull images to another whole and stunning photograph.

Photoshop can record a series of edited steps, while Lightroom can store and organize collections of presets or filtered images. If you’re interested in using these two software, you can either subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud plans or purchase the stand alone package. In both ways, Adobe made sure that you can experience the best of editing. Learn how to pump up portraits with this workflow by checking out Sleeklens’ deviantArt account.

Personal Views:

Essentially, as someone who’s using Photoshop and Lightroom, I would say that these two contains effective and useful features. I prefer using both presets and actions to my images, of course, alternately. I always like the thought of playing and creating new, exciting art to both software. For me, there’s no need for debates and arguments about which software offers the best service and performance. Both programs are good and have its own unique side.

Adobe did a great job when they decided to add actions to Photoshop and build Lightroom presets for professionals. They are indeed concerned to the welfare and needs of the people relying on their post processing masterpiece.